March 3, 2012

Nature by Numbers

Below there is  an interesting video inspired by numbers, geometry and nature, created by Cristóbal Vila. Nature looks complex, but the underlying principles are simple, for instance the Fibonacci Series of numbers.  The natural beauty and complexity we see all around us is deeply astonishing, but what’s even more astonishing is all the math behind it. It’s also easy to conclude that somehow this must have been created by a super-intelligence, or by God. The idea that it emerged all by itself from nature is hard to grasp. I also find it interesting to contemplate the dimensionality of the universe, which leads to a different perspective of our place in all of this.  I have tried to demonstrate this in a separate page, about “The Scale of the Universe.

Go to for more info about movie. The Music: “Often a Bird” by Wim Mertens

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