I find the work of theologians fascinating, because they reflect not only on ultimate questions for humankind, but also on the structure of our belief systems. Often, their motivation is the clarification or defense of a particular religion. They synthesize philosophy, psychology, and history into a unique view that claims to reflect ultimate reality.  What differentiates theologians from philosophers is the idea that there is another source of knowledge, besides what we can scientifically know about reality. This source of knowledge, revelation, is given to us in sacred scriptures, and requires the belief in the existence of God.

For me, this is a questionable assumption: It turns most theologies into an imaginary  system of concepts. Theologians talk about something that is beyond all speech, their speech violates epistemological barriers. From this point of view, one can generate a critical reading of all theological thinking.

The selections on this site include Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, and Walter Benjamin.

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