November 5, 2018

Moving On

This blog has come to an end in its current form. A new and updated version is now online at The new blog has a new domain name (.com will be replaced by .net) as well as a new layout. The updated software structure will make the website faster, much more readable, and easier to maneuver. It is now optimized for small mobile devices with higher resolutions. is ready for the next version of WordPress, which will be a revolutionary update to the whole WordPress infrastructure (Version 5).

The Website you are reading now was started in 2000 with a Microsoft Software package called “Frontpage.” Within ten years, it grew to around 20,000 monthly visitors, and in October 2011 I began to rebuild it from scratch and transformed it into a blog based on the WordPress platform.  The current design was created in August 2013, and it has now reached its end of life because website technology and the Internet keeps changing fast. The traffic has increased to a point where a more powerful web server is necessary. The new blog also has a new provider specializing in WordPress.

The current website,, will stay online for another two to three years, but will not be updated anymore. In the final year 2018 it had over 250,000 unique visitors, around 400,000 visits total, and more than a million hits per month. There are approximately a thousand subscribers who will be transferred to the new website as well. 

I hope you are curious enough to head over to the new site. I am thankful for any feedback.  Thank you for visiting!

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