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Jurgen Braungardt
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25/03/2017 12:19 am  

I just added this forum, to create a place for visitors to leave some feedback in a central place, or to engage in a discussion with each other. You can also upload or download files from here. 

I appreciate your feedback!

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02/04/2017 8:31 pm  

Dr. Braungardt,

 I would like to thank you for opening this online public forum. I think that it is going to prove to be extremely helpful. Exposure is always excellent. I hope that we will have the opportunity to discuss a new innovative idea which I have had for some time. It occurred to me, after being introduced to Orch OR Theory (Hameroff & Penrose) that there is likely a component of abstract ideas which are quantum in nature. Epistemological ideas as well as subconscious information exists in the universe. Studying black holes shall unveil nonlocal principles of quantum mechanics and shall also likely expose new ideas for a cosmological theory of quantum gravity. Quantum gravity is going to be relevant in the coming decades and will have implications for physics and philosophy in the future. In order to link physics to consciousness studies a more clear integration of quantum mechanics shall be critical.

   With new physics, new technologies shall arise which shall help us to solve intermediate unsolved dilemmas in mathematics. If we can understand the brain better than we can understand processes which occur in the brain which are unknown as of today. Is all information, by definition, computational? Is reality probabilistic? Are there any aspects of causality which are deterministic? ERP (Einstein Rosen Podolski) Paper leaves more questions and as we dive deeper we encounter more questions such as how ought the experiments be interpreted by Bell? There are remaining questions which I hope get answered in theoretical physics in the near future. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. 

Thank you again Jurgen,

  Dale C. Gillman


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